The Serpent and the Eagle

Ira Mechanicus

5th Mission

- – – + + + MISSION PREPARATION + + + – – -

Mission Leader: Nuriel Rafer
Oath of Glory
Loadout: 130 Each. With noone to assist them, Battle Brothers are adviced to gear up. Note: Specific gear will be required in this mission. Choose with caution.
Pooled: -
Reserved: -
Nuriel: storm shield (35), infernus pistol (35), boltgun (5)(fire selector (2), astartes targeter(25), kraken round (15), witch bolts (12))
Damien: -
Redpelt: –
Aeacus: -
Corbin: -
Maurus: Exceptional Augur Array (20), Omnisian Axe (30), Multi key (15), Demolition Charges (20),Data Slate (5), red dot (10), witch bolts (12), Frag Grenades (5), Krak Grenades (10)
Makradon: exceptional plasma gun (30), diagnostor helmet (15), Rescucitex x5 (25), kraken rounds (7), power axe (20), auxiliary grenade launcher (15), krak grenades (1), frag grenades (1), fire selector (2), hellfire rounds (12)

Primary: Escort the Sigma Device to the bowels of Ira Mechanicus.
Primary: Priest Tespich must survive.
Primary: Kill the False Mechanical God.
Secondary: Kill the Heretics. (25 KM)
Secondary: Plant the Virus in the Stigmartus Legion defence grid.
Secondary: Shut down the Blood Symphony Engine
Secondary: Destroy the Witch Cult of Surtur.
Secondary: Record the strange energies of the catacombs.
Tertiary: Investigate the xenos activity.
Tertiary: Discover the fate of the Throne Agents.

Warmest of Greetings Astartes. May the Emperor light your path. I am Inquisitor Valerion Kapadocius of the Ordo Hereticus. I have been following your successes from afar, and I have to say I am very impressed. This is why I come to you with this.
The Imperium needs your help once more.
What you discovered in the bowels of the Andula Front has greater meaning than what we thought at first. I found the complex depicted in the screens, and I found its entrance.
This is big, Astartes, real big. Primary analysis show that the catacombs predate the Imperium, and are perhaps as old as the Omega Vault, if not older. The Heretics have made it a hub for their systems and greatest weapons, but I doubt they have a clue as to what it really is.
Or, and this is more frightening, they know exactly what it is.
I have sent my people to investigate, but so far there has been no responce. They managed to send me some encrypted information, and with a little help from your Techmarines and our Techpriests, we managed to uncover their greatest secrets.
Apart from some crude blueprints that can perhaps serve you as a map, my agents noted five different chambers, as well as several pieces of information about the operations taking place there. First of all, the insane Dark Skitarii there worship a being they call The Mechanical God. We have no clue what that is, but we know that its demise will hinder their efforts. He was last seen in this room. (1)
Also, in the same room is the Machine Spirit of their war engine. It is quite powerfull, but destroying it would be easy. However, I do not want it destroyed. I want it captured, so we can study it and understand it. It is almost identical to the spirits of their Forge World, and studying it may unlock the secret to stopping their constant production of weapons and armor.
To this end, you will accompany my trusted colleague, Tech-Priest Tespich, and the Sigma Device, to that room, so he can put the spirit to slumber and capture it.
Now, in this room (2), my agents discovered a small terminal, unguarded and unprotected. This is where they got their information. You must use it, or any other terminal if you find the opportunity, to deliver a deadly virus Tespich made. It will interfere with anyone who plugs himself in, destroying his bionics. This will make the remaining forces an easy pick, but it will also make the terminal unaccesible, so you have to do it after using the Sigma Device.
Here. (3) On the surface, in the Khamud region, there is a daemonic engine, capable of reducing men to blood and flesh, or turning them to cannibalistic berserkers. Lucky for us, like most of their arcane weapons, it is linked to the Machine Spirit of Ira Mechanicus. Shutting it down will help the Hammer of the Emperor on the surface reclaim the region and allow us to resuply most forward possitions.
On this room here (4) my Agents reported strange energies, however this was a few moments prior to the end of communications. They also reported strange Xenos markings around that area. Investigate all you can, and while you’re at it, see if you can find any information about my agents. They where a good bunch.
Last but not least. Here (5) is a…. something, named Heart of Surtur. Whatever that is, is worshipped by a cult of witches. Kill them all.
May the Emperor Protect you Astartes.

Ira mechanicus


Thought for the Day: Brave are they who know everything yet fear nothing.
- – – + + + TRANSMISSION ENDS + + + – – -

Report 3554336

Code Name: Ira Mechanicus
Place: Andula Front, Khazant
Objective: Disband the heretics, purify the machine God Ordo Hereticus CENSORED

Mission Leader: CENSORED

After the events of the termination of the Dark Mechanicum in the catacombs of the Andula Front, a team of Acolytes was sent to investigate. As they didn’t report back the Hierarchy decided to send more specialized manpower to face the enemies of the Imperium. It was necessary to be a small team of specialized Marines to form the kill team. A Tech Marine, an Apothecary and an Assault marine. The team would escort the Tech-Priest Tespich into the Ira Mechanicus in order to kill the Dark Machine God spirit.

The team met resistance of the Dark Mechanicus as they moved through the different rooms, having Dark Skitarii and other Cultist assisting them. The head of the Cult was found, and was terminated as expected. The Kill-team managed to find the last survivor of the Acolyte team. The rest were other killed or tortured. Detailed report on methods and instruments is removed: requiring special authorization.

It is also noted that a strange pyramid looking artifact that glowed energy was found. The Space Marine call to caution if someone finds such an item. On the heart of the labyrinth was also found the main ritualistic place, where citizens of the Imperium Martyred their deaths for the Emperor. In the chamber there was content removed. During the execution of the mission the Kill-team faced a pack of Xenos, that was confirmed to be of the race named ELDAR. Further details are written sidenotes.

The Xenos stated that they had a different agenda with this place, and that it was to their plans to destroy it. This statement was confirmed as the settlement was destroyed with high quantities of unknown explosives.

P.S.: The Kill-Team recorded some measurement of the equipment of the Xenos: ELDAR race.

They use devices that allow them high degree of stealth and speed. It is hypothesized that they might use Warp Energies to function their machinery.


Lord Aini Faithbringer

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