The Serpent and the Eagle

War Pt. 1

8th Mission

- – – + + + MISSION PREPARATION + + + – – -

Mission Leader:
Loadout: You will be given 30 requisition each, mainly for equipment and instruments you will need. Access to vehicles and assets will be limited.
Pooled: 10
Cyron: Kraken Rounds (20). Flamer (10)
Damien: Thunder Hammer (30)
Redpelt: Power Axe (20), Flamer (10)
Maurus: Pict Recorder (5), Master Crafted Respiratory System (25)
Makradon: Storm Bolter (20)
Aeacus: Back Banner (15), Narthesium (10), Dipole Mag-lock (5)

Primary: Find the Faolcu Gate and Investigate.
Secondary: Record any findings.
Tertiary: Report and exterminate any xenos activity.


Kail Vibius: I won’t lie to you brothers. After the Samech incident our forces are dwindling. After the attack by the Necrons, and the great losses we suffered, we have to prepare for another possible appearance by them. In the meantime, there is much to be done. From now on you are on your own. I am going to provide you with some missions but it is up to you what path you will follow. After your choice is made, additional information will be provided so you can prepare for it. Good luck brothers. Emperor protects.

Acheros Salient: Mustering Forces. (side mission – war effort)
Threat levels: Alpha.
For this mission you will have to return to Khazant. After the Samech Incident, our force has been disorganized, and we need to make quick precision strikes against the forces of chaos in order to take control of the planet. There are several targets of importance, and additional targets of opportunity. You will have to strike fast, strike true, and strike hard, there is no room for errors.
The main objective here is to help our scattered troops join into a single force. Brigadier General Von Lavos is ready to take command of the remaining forces. He seems pretty eager to work with you once more.
The planet is still the greatest battle zone in the salient, so be prepared to work alongside other forces of the Imperium. You will be given priority over our armory, but be prepared to be vastly outnumbered by both enemy troops and an elite strikeforce of the traitor legions.

Orpheus Salient: Vanguard’s Folly. (side mission – unique event)
Threat levels: Gamma.
The Swarm has reached the planet of Terris, a weak point in our defense. The soldiers of the Imperium have secured 7 fortresses, securing the sky-port and a number of key locations. However, the Tyrannids seem to have an uncanny knowledge of the lay of the land and of our fortifications. Through the pass in the mountain range called “Vanguard’s Folly”, they launched a terrible attack. Primarily composed of an enormous number of their weaker organisms, they flood our forces in an unstoppable assault.
Both helping the Hammer of the Emperor secure the location, and killing the Synapse leaders are vital to the defense of the Sky-port.
Unfortunately, few assets can be spared in the Orpheus Salient at the moment, so you will have to rely on your own gear and what your kill-team can do. Outside help is a rare commodity in the salient.

Canis Salient: Storm of the Faolcu. (main story – Investigation)
Threat levels: Epsilon.
The Vault revealed a strange tablet. It is written in a very strange Eldar dialect. Our Xenos experts tried their hardest to decipher it, but it is impossible to make out the finer details. The Eldar language is strange, and there are many subtle meanings.
From what we gathered, it speaks of the “Desolate Ones” and how they hid in the “Darkness Beyond Darkness”. However, there was an ancient map of the Reach, that, while outdated and distorted in some ways, pinpointed the location of something called “Faolcu’s Gate”. It is where the planet Marduk Theta reaches it’s longest day. We do not know if there is a specific astronomical event that reveals the gate, or if this is the way Eldar pinpoint planets of interest. We do know that Marduk Theta is in the way of the Tau campaign, and if we are to investigate we have to do this now.
The planet is free of enemies at the moment, but we believe it is going to be the next major war-zone in the Canis Salient.
We do not expect any resistance, but this can change. Eldar or Tau could already be in the area, and if it has something to do with the rise of Necrons in the Sector, perhaps some have already arisen in Marduk Theta as well.

Storm of the Faolcu
Inquisitor Valerion Kapadocius:
Marduk Theta is a death world. There is no substancial Imperial or xenos presence.
After further investigation, we learned that there are local myths about ancient catacombs with sleeping guardians. This sounds like Necrons, and perhaps this Faolcu Gate is indeed there. We have no idea where on the planet this “gate” is, but there is a village “here” that can direct you to the legends and myths of the area.
We also want you to record your mission, so we can later analyze your findings.
Good Luck.


Thought for the Day: Only in death does duty end.
- – – + + + TRANSMISSION ENDS + + + – – -

War efforts award War points. Every ten war points that the kill team gathers, is a major turning point in one of the salients, and awards new and increased assets, war-gear and relics.
Unique Events award increased XP, as well as increased chances of earning an honor or distinction.
Investigations are missions with greater opportunities for role-playing. As such, RP-XP are tripled, and bonds completed grand 150 xp instead of 50.
Side Missions do not contribute to the storyline. Main story missions progress the storyline, but unlike the Side missions, the opportunity is usually lost if not chosen at that time. Personal Plot Missions award a bonus to the interested player, and bonus xp and renown to the others.

Threat levels are there to help the battle brothers prepare for a mission. They are simple guidelines to what to expect, but intelligence is not always accurate. Also, they don’t have to do with requisition; after all a mission with 2 or three very hard objectives will allow simpler loadout than one with ten easy ones.

Threat levels explained:
Alpha: Extreme enemy numbers, Elite elements, and high complexity.
Beta: Great enemy numbers, elite elements, and high complexity.
Gamma: Great enemy numbers, elite elements, and moderate complexity.
Delta: Great enemy numbers or elite elements, and moderate complexity.
Epsilon: Unknown elements, moderate complexity.
Zeta: Unknown elements, low complexity.
Eta: Low threat elements, low complexity.
Theta: Minor threat elements, low complexity.
There are more levels, but those are deemed to simple to warrant the attention of the Deathwatch. Kill-teams of higher rank will be usually given more difficult missions.)



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