The Serpent and the Eagle

Watch-Station Midael

1st Mission

- – - + + + MISSION PREPARATION + + + – - -

Mission Leader: Aeacus Stentor
Oath of Glory.
Loadout: (15 requisition each)
Pooled: Narthecium, Auspex
Nuriel: Flamer, Extra Frag grenades
Damien: Extra Frag Grenades
Redpelt: Flamer, 2x extra frag grenades
Aeacus: Magnoculars, Dipole Mag Lock, Telescopic Sight
Corbin: Silencer, Red-dot laser sight
Maurus: Multi-Key

Thought for the Day: True happiness stems only from duty.
- – - + + + TRANSMISSION ENDS + + + – - -

The kill-team left Watch Fortress Erioch to investigate the Watch Station Midael that had not replied to any attempt at contact. The battle-brothers set off with a light transport, but as they passed through the edge of the Hadex Anomaly, the ship’s systems stopped replying, and they lost control. Aeacus’ eye caught the holographic map for a moment, and he saw that they were nearing a planet that was not on the map. In fact, the whole star system was not on the map. This, however, mattered little, as the ship plunged towards the planet. The kill-team made their way to the drop-pod and set off to the Unknown Planet below.

The kill team made their way to one of the buildings, only to discover that amidst the wild flora and fauna of the planet, there was an abandoned manufactorum. They entered the massive complex and searched for clues, only to discover that the Unknown planet was named Soralis Secundus, and that the complex had been abandoned for almost three centuries. After a swift combat with a pair of Fleshounds of Khorne, they made their way to the office complex of the sector, and found a map to the manifactorum, as well as the locations of the Communications Relay and a spaceport.

After they repaired an old vehicle, and they made their way towards the coms relay, they repaired and used it to send an encoded message to Watch Fortress Erioch. A reply came soon after, ordering them to wait at the spaceport for extraction. The kill-team did as told, and went to the space-port. There, however, they where attacked by great numbers of Bloodletters of Khorne. Taking a defencible possition, they gunned down a great number of the Daemons, but they seemed without number.

Then, two xenos vehicles, that the kill-team recognised as Eldar from Craftworld Kaelor, came to their support, and together they vanquished the horde. The Eldar left after a brief conversation, that left the kill-team buffled.


Lord Aini Faithbringer

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