The Serpent and the Eagle


3rd Mission

- – – + + + MISSION PREPARATION + + + – – -

Mission Leader: Korbin
Oath of the Weapon
Loadout: (35 each) For this mission, the Battle-Brothers are adviced to upgrade their equipment.
Pooled: -
Reserved: -
Nuriel: Stormshield (35)
Damien: Lascannon (30)
Redpelt: Plasma Pistol (25), Flamer (10)
Aeacus: -
Corbin: Techxorcism Gun (30)
Maurus: Exceptional Mind Impulse Unit (20), Multikey (15), Missile Launcher (10)

Primary: Kill Xathrax.
Secondary: Weaken the Forge’s forces. (50 KM)
Tertiary: Help Von Lavos against the Stigmartus. (25 KM)

Commodore Hemelshot
Greeting noble Astartes. May the Emperor guide you as He seems to have done on Khazant. I have to say, I have seen the Emperor’s Finest in action before, but not on such bold and risky missions. Ah, but enough flattery, to the point.
The Heretech Xathrax escaped before you had the chance of finding him, but you will have your chance at him. Our scanners located a source of intence heat and radiation, an underground complex. Further analysis revealed it to be some kind of manifactorum. It is not guarded by the Stigmartus, but instead by Corrupted Skitarii, remnants of the once loyal tech-priests of the system.
Davin Von Lavos relayed some very important pieces of information that will be uplinked to your com-links immediately. He is currently cleaning up the Andula Front from the remaining Stigmarti, but he asked me to tell you that he will assist you in any way he can.
Also, Lord General Magratha promised to hold a feast in your honour as soon as you return to Karlack.
Ah, here we go -DATA TRANSFERED-. Emperor protects!

Greetings Astartes. This is COL Von Lavos. First of all I would like to congratulate and thank you for your heroic efforts. You singlehandedly cleared the path for us.
One last thing needs to be done before the Andula Front is under our total control.
There is a manifactorum of sorts near the now ruined temple of the accursed gods. It is not guarded per se, but the last remaining Stigmartus forces have gathered nearby, making their last stand in a fortress. I tried sending men down to investigate, but none returned. The close spaces prevent proper deployment for an army, and I believe that a smaller but more capable force would manage to navigate its depths and kill that traitor Xathrax and as many of his Skitarii as possible. I ask this of you in an unofficial manner. I have made the proper requests to the High Command, but this may take a while, and time is of the essence here. Erioch agreed to deploy you, if you so wish, to our aid. I certainly hope you will smite those heretics down and let the Imperial Forces prevail once again.


Thought for the Day: It is better to die for the Emperor than to live for yourself.
- – – + + + TRANSMISSION ENDS + + + – – -

Report 3553235
Place: Andula Front, Khazant
Objective: Target Termination: Xathrax

Mission Leader: CENSORED

The Kill-Team that assisted on the incident 3553234 deployed to assist the Imperial Guard to bridge the defenses of the last standing forces of the enemy. The Marines then moved to the known co-ordinance of a hostile location. The team moved in a place that was occupied by the foes of Imperium and were storing amounts of firepower. Several mechanical traps and machines where guarding the place in the assistances of Skitarii of the Dark Mechanicum. The Kill-Team exterminated these heretical beings while in search of their leader. The Marines report that while researching the place they encountered a team of Dark Mechanicum followers and a traitor Marine of the Word Bearers legion. Various artifacts where found in that room. After engaging in combat with the Traitor Marine, he escaped via a teleportation method, abducting the Kill-Member Corbin. The Marines state that he had also a skull shaped artifact. As they continued they found the nominated target in a barricaded position with a Secutor to his protection. The target was successfully eliminated.

Status: Corbin MIA

Corbin is recommended for the Marksman Honor, due performing excellent single-shot marksmanship.

It is recommend caution for Nuriel Rafer as possible signs of his chapter Demeanor begin to surface.


Lord Aini Faithbringer

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