David Shakash


weapon skill : 42
ballistic skill : 62
strength : 50
toughness : 64
agility : 37
intelligence : 42
perception : 41
willpower : 46
fellowship : 43

Crux Terminatus
Iron skull
Air of authority

Deathwing Veteran 3000
str 10 1500
toughness +20 5000
ballistic +10 1500
fellowship +5 200
signature(master) 1500 (thunder hammer with Dipole Mag-lock/
10 to attack rolls)
rapid reload 200
mighty shot 500
marksman 600
second in command 400
iron discipline 600 15000

Rank 4


David Shakash is a young Dark Angel. (for the age length of a space marine) His trainer saw many strengths in him but above the most was his ability to shoot and to resist the horrors he engaged is his training. He wasnt really a guy to talk but his qualities could make him a good commander. In his first true engagement with heretics a lucky shot shatered the head of his squad leader. Instead of falling back he grabed the power sword of his commander and he charged the enemy lines despite the deadly firepower, that act of willpower gathered the squad around him and they destroyed the enemy lines. That was his first of many successful commands. The way he behaved and the effectiveness to his assaults made his company commander to honor him with the : Iron skull. But it was the willpower that drove him to face the horrors that plagued Imperium that earned him crux terminatus. Right after his training to the sacred armor he was transfered to deathwatch, he knew it was necessary after the huge loses the watch had suffered.

David Shakash

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