Magratha Von Karlack

Lord General of the Acheros Salient



Lord General Magratha von Karlack is a ruthless and confident woman, who never hesitates or second guesses her decisions. However, this does not make her a harsh person to talk to—her years of officer training and her esteemed reputation have made her a skilled conversationalist. She seems calm and assured, even in the most strenuous situations, and if she is taken aback by dealing with the Battle-Brothers of the Deathwatch, they will never be able to tell.
A Kill-team operating within the Acheros Salient will almost inevitably deal with Magratha, for she
seems to be almost everywhere at once. If they meet with her, she is never at rest—whether briefing her officers, prepping an assault, or fighting on the battlefield, she seems almost perpetually in motion. Similarly, she is not one for small talk, especially in front of Space Marines. She will be polite and friendly, but straight to the point, wanting to move on to more important things.

Magratha Von Karlack

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