Var-Thas Caust

Salamander Tactical


ws 50, bs 51, s 49, t, 49, ag 43, int 48, per 45 wp 46 fel 43

survival, pilot personal, trade (armourer), cleanse and purify, duty unto death, signature wargear, hammer blow, right gear for the job, defensive genius, strike team specialist, no quarter given, simple BS. 5k xp

signature wargear: heavy flamer.
right gear for the job: poweraxe
Chapter Trapping: Wyrm Hide

Armor History: Terror Be thy Friend, Blood of the Enemy, Bring Death from Afar.


Battle Brother Var’thas of the Salamanders was just a boy when he returned victorious back to his village, a bit scorched and breeding, with a few broken bones and slashes, but victorious.
He was then spirited away by his future battle brothers, to be trained and prepared.
Even as a recruit he showed great promise, his tenacity and eagerness noteworthy. While able to pick up the art of the blade and the gun with equal ease, it was his will that brought him to his tutor’s attention.
In no time, Var’thas was a part if the second company.

As a member of the second company, he fought the brutal Orks and the vile Eldar pirates, and both incinerated under the flames cast from his flamer. On many battlefields he was a small part of the victory in the name of the Emperor, and it was not long until this was recognised.

Then came the cleansing of Ymgarl, where the Salamanders were deployed en masse to eradicate the foul xenos. They took great casualties, and as they followed deeper and deeper into the tunnels, more and more battle brothers fell to the scything talons of the genestealers.
Var’Thas and his squad, along with a couple more, were sepparated by the rest of the company. The narrow tunnels would have made firefights near impossible to anyone else, but Salamanders are well known for close range firefights. They kept destroying the tyrannids, burning and smashing their way towards the core.

Even the greatest warrior can make mistakes though, and they pushed too far into the tunnels. Without support, the small group was trapped between enemies. They made each bolt count, but still, the enemies were too many. They fought their way back, but new tunnels spewed more and more genestealers in their path.
Var’Thas, equipped with a heavy flamer, kept clearing the path and keeping flanking units at bay, but soon ammunition ran low. He relied on his bolter, shot after shot laying the xenos low.
Less than half of the starting force remained, but they almost reached the surface.
The enemy throwed all he could against the angels of death.

A viscious Broodlord, leading an enormous horde, poured out from the tunnels between the Salamanders and the surface. The Marines fought valiantly, but the enemy far outnumbered them. Captain Dak’ir, in charge of the small force, fell under the gaping maw of the Broodlord, and the children of Nocturne felt a hint of uncertainty and doubt.

“Stand fast brothers! Let the Emperor guide you, for we are His hand! They struck our brothers, the sons of the Emperor, down. He will guide us to retribution!”
With this, Var’Thas picked Dak’ir’s poweraxe from the stone floor of the tunnel, and it hummed as power surged through it. With a mighty warcry he charged the Genestealers, hacking through them, his brothers following suite.
The spearhead managed to pierce through the xenos’ ranks, and using the few flamers they have left, they burned the path behind them, setting charges and blowing up the tunnels as they moved.

The Broodlord kept up with them, however, evading their wrath through tunnels, always appearing in front of them. The sons of Vulkan reached the entrance. Escape was something the hive would not allow. As the remaining marines punshed and stabbed the xenos, struggling towards the exit, Var’Thas smashed into the Broodlord, entering a frenzied melee. Claws rending the ancient power armor, and axe slashing the filthy xenos skin. Mighty though the Salamander was, he could not keep up with the Broodlord. With a powerfull smash, the xenos sent the marine tumbling away, against the walls of the tunnel. As light shone through the entrance at the distance, he stood.
Steeling his mind against doubt, he roared “Forged in Fire, Tempered in Blood! Sons of Vulkan! PURGE THE ALIEN!” and jumped, putting all his strength behind that single blow, leaving himself open. The axe smashed into the Broodlord’s skull, splattering blood all over Var’Thas, blood that could never be cleaned off the armor. Witnessing the death of the enemy leader, the Salamanders fought with renewed vigour, pushing towards the exit.

Var-Thas survived the cleansing of Ymgarl. After his recuperation, he was allowed to participate in a hunt, where he earned his lizzards cloak, a first step in joining the first company, the Firedrakes.

Var’Thas Caust, Slayer of Ymgarl, has a hatred against the xenos that costed the lives of his brothers, and of millions of loyal subjects of the Emperor. They need to be purged.
And the Deathwatch is a great place to start.

“Forged in Fire, Tempered in Blood! Sons of Vulkan! Purge the Alien!

Var-Thas Caust

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