Current Bonds

Bonds are special background relations between characters. These, apart from role-playing, can be used in two ways:
1st, they can be used as additional demeanours, for all purposes and effects, including bonuses. They can be used IN ADDITION to demeanours, and not instead.
2nd, when they are completed, or confronted, they are discarded (and only remain as role-playing consideration) and replaced.

Some bonds have either an “expiration date” or a “trigger”. If said trigger is met, the bond is completed and replaced.
Example: Redpelt owes Corbin a life debt. This can be cashed in if Redpelt does something that both he and Corbin feel has payed him back.

Other bonds can not be completed. This usually includes oppinions one has about his battle brothers. To complete and replace the bond, the “idea” or “archetype” must be either confronted or reinforced. This means, that if A thinks B is a coward, next time B acts like a coward in a big way, the bond will be completed, as B will have proven A right.
Example:Redpelt believes Nuriel to be a great warrior without equal. Next time Nuriel does something trully heroic in battle (slay an elite enemy on his own, hold down a horde, or something similar), Redpelt will be proven right and the bond will be replaced.

Each bond that is completed, gives the owning player 50 experience points. The players have a maximum of two bonds, so a maximum of 100 points can be earned that way. Note: A same bond cannot usually return later on. For example, If Nuriel proves to Redpelt that he is indeed a great warrior, he cannot re-prove it.

Sometimes, a bond is no longer valid. Situations and oppinions can change. In this case, a bond can be abandoned, with the appropriate RP. The player discard a bond, and he can not replace it during that session.
Example:Nuriel has failed to prove Redpelt right, and after a few sessions, Redpelt decides that perhaps he was wrong about Nuriel, and abandons the bond.
Abandoned bonds can be used later on if appropriate.

Keep in mind that the players must write down previous, fullfilled or abandoned bonds.


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