The Serpent and the Eagle

Kill Team?
Mission 1

- – – + + + MISSION PREPARATION + + + – – -

Mission Leader:
Loadout: 0

Primary: Make sure the commanding officer of the Imperial Platoon will reach alive Jericho Reach.

Unknown serf:
Astartes I have to inform you that all of you who are aboard this vessel are to form a kill-team. You are to report immediately to your senior Astartes when you reach your destination.


Thought for the Day :The greatest purity brings the greatest heresy.
- – – + + + TRANSMISSION ENDS + + + – – -

War Pt. 1
8th Mission

- – – + + + MISSION PREPARATION + + + – – -

Mission Leader:
Loadout: You will be given 30 requisition each, mainly for equipment and instruments you will need. Access to vehicles and assets will be limited.
Pooled: 10
Cyron: Kraken Rounds (20). Flamer (10)
Damien: Thunder Hammer (30)
Redpelt: Power Axe (20), Flamer (10)
Maurus: Pict Recorder (5), Master Crafted Respiratory System (25)
Makradon: Storm Bolter (20)
Aeacus: Back Banner (15), Narthesium (10), Dipole Mag-lock (5)

Primary: Find the Faolcu Gate and Investigate.
Secondary: Record any findings.
Tertiary: Report and exterminate any xenos activity.


Kail Vibius: I won’t lie to you brothers. After the Samech incident our forces are dwindling. After the attack by the Necrons, and the great losses we suffered, we have to prepare for another possible appearance by them. In the meantime, there is much to be done. From now on you are on your own. I am going to provide you with some missions but it is up to you what path you will follow. After your choice is made, additional information will be provided so you can prepare for it. Good luck brothers. Emperor protects.

Acheros Salient: Mustering Forces. (side mission – war effort)
Threat levels: Alpha.
For this mission you will have to return to Khazant. After the Samech Incident, our force has been disorganized, and we need to make quick precision strikes against the forces of chaos in order to take control of the planet. There are several targets of importance, and additional targets of opportunity. You will have to strike fast, strike true, and strike hard, there is no room for errors.
The main objective here is to help our scattered troops join into a single force. Brigadier General Von Lavos is ready to take command of the remaining forces. He seems pretty eager to work with you once more.
The planet is still the greatest battle zone in the salient, so be prepared to work alongside other forces of the Imperium. You will be given priority over our armory, but be prepared to be vastly outnumbered by both enemy troops and an elite strikeforce of the traitor legions.

Orpheus Salient: Vanguard’s Folly. (side mission – unique event)
Threat levels: Gamma.
The Swarm has reached the planet of Terris, a weak point in our defense. The soldiers of the Imperium have secured 7 fortresses, securing the sky-port and a number of key locations. However, the Tyrannids seem to have an uncanny knowledge of the lay of the land and of our fortifications. Through the pass in the mountain range called “Vanguard’s Folly”, they launched a terrible attack. Primarily composed of an enormous number of their weaker organisms, they flood our forces in an unstoppable assault.
Both helping the Hammer of the Emperor secure the location, and killing the Synapse leaders are vital to the defense of the Sky-port.
Unfortunately, few assets can be spared in the Orpheus Salient at the moment, so you will have to rely on your own gear and what your kill-team can do. Outside help is a rare commodity in the salient.

Canis Salient: Storm of the Faolcu. (main story – Investigation)
Threat levels: Epsilon.
The Vault revealed a strange tablet. It is written in a very strange Eldar dialect. Our Xenos experts tried their hardest to decipher it, but it is impossible to make out the finer details. The Eldar language is strange, and there are many subtle meanings.
From what we gathered, it speaks of the “Desolate Ones” and how they hid in the “Darkness Beyond Darkness”. However, there was an ancient map of the Reach, that, while outdated and distorted in some ways, pinpointed the location of something called “Faolcu’s Gate”. It is where the planet Marduk Theta reaches it’s longest day. We do not know if there is a specific astronomical event that reveals the gate, or if this is the way Eldar pinpoint planets of interest. We do know that Marduk Theta is in the way of the Tau campaign, and if we are to investigate we have to do this now.
The planet is free of enemies at the moment, but we believe it is going to be the next major war-zone in the Canis Salient.
We do not expect any resistance, but this can change. Eldar or Tau could already be in the area, and if it has something to do with the rise of Necrons in the Sector, perhaps some have already arisen in Marduk Theta as well.

Storm of the Faolcu
Inquisitor Valerion Kapadocius:
Marduk Theta is a death world. There is no substancial Imperial or xenos presence.
After further investigation, we learned that there are local myths about ancient catacombs with sleeping guardians. This sounds like Necrons, and perhaps this Faolcu Gate is indeed there. We have no idea where on the planet this “gate” is, but there is a village “here” that can direct you to the legends and myths of the area.
We also want you to record your mission, so we can later analyze your findings.
Good Luck.


Thought for the Day: Only in death does duty end.
- – – + + + TRANSMISSION ENDS + + + – – -

War efforts award War points. Every ten war points that the kill team gathers, is a major turning point in one of the salients, and awards new and increased assets, war-gear and relics.
Unique Events award increased XP, as well as increased chances of earning an honor or distinction.
Investigations are missions with greater opportunities for role-playing. As such, RP-XP are tripled, and bonds completed grand 150 xp instead of 50.
Side Missions do not contribute to the storyline. Main story missions progress the storyline, but unlike the Side missions, the opportunity is usually lost if not chosen at that time. Personal Plot Missions award a bonus to the interested player, and bonus xp and renown to the others.

Threat levels are there to help the battle brothers prepare for a mission. They are simple guidelines to what to expect, but intelligence is not always accurate. Also, they don’t have to do with requisition; after all a mission with 2 or three very hard objectives will allow simpler loadout than one with ten easy ones.

Threat levels explained:
Alpha: Extreme enemy numbers, Elite elements, and high complexity.
Beta: Great enemy numbers, elite elements, and high complexity.
Gamma: Great enemy numbers, elite elements, and moderate complexity.
Delta: Great enemy numbers or elite elements, and moderate complexity.
Epsilon: Unknown elements, moderate complexity.
Zeta: Unknown elements, low complexity.
Eta: Low threat elements, low complexity.
Theta: Minor threat elements, low complexity.
There are more levels, but those are deemed to simple to warrant the attention of the Deathwatch. Kill-teams of higher rank will be usually given more difficult missions.)

Titans of Samech
7th Mission

- – – + + + MISSION PREPARATION + + + – – -

Mission Leader: Maurus Ferrus
Oath of the Weapon
Loadout: 150 requisition. This is a suicide mission. Expect heavy resistance, endless enemies, as well as war machines and elite elements.
Pooled: 210. Brother Octavius will accompany them. Signum + Links (115), Demolition Charge (10), Melta Bomb (25), Imperial Guard Heavy Weapon (40), Arcane Weaponry (15).
Reserved: 7
Nuriel: – Dilation Field (45), Storm Shield (35), Melta Gun (20)
Damien: – astartes lascannon (30),Conflagration Meltagun(35),storm shield(30)
Redpelt: – powerfist (30), powersword (20), meltagun(10), storm bolter w/ kraken (40), melta bomb (25), 3x Krak Grenades (3)
Maurus:- Multi-Key (15), Combi-Tool (15), Demolition Charges x3 (30), Breaching augur (18), Astartes Missile Launcher (Soundstrike) (10), Astartes Frag + Krak Grenades (2), Hellfire Rounds (Bolter) (25)
Makradon:- plasma cannon (30), diagnostor’s helmet (15), resuscitex x2 (10), astartes targeter (25), arm mounted για bolt pistol (10), kraken rounds για το pistol (7), extra krak grenades (1)

Primary: Sabotage the Titan Manifactorum
Primary: Find and kill the Heretic in Charge
Primary: Destroy Chaos Engines of War (100 KM)
Secondary: Sabotage/Destroy the Plasma Generators
Secondary: Sabotage/Destroy the Munition Storages
Secondary: Destroy the Titan STC’s
Secondary: Kill the Praetorians (100 KM)
Tertiary: Kill Dark Scitari (100 KM)
Tertiary: Kill Construction Servitors 100 (KM)

Captain Faethus: (via holo-link)
Brothers! The time to strike against the foe that plagues the Imperium is at hand! It is time to turn the tides of the war in the Acheros Salient. I am talking about the accursed Samech, the heart of the Stigmartus war machine. Captain Vibius will inform you about the details. Stand true Astartes, glory awaits us all!

Kail Vibius:
Duty calls once more my brothers! This is what all our efforts lead to. We finally managed the impossible; we breached the enemy’s defences and managed to reach the unassailable Forge-world of Samech. As we speak, Imperial Forces have laid siege, fighting for control of the Orbit of Samech. This is a fight we are unlikely to win, but it will buy us enough time to perform several surgical strikes on the surface, and, perhaps, cripple their weapon supplies across the Salient.
To this end you will cooperate with the Imperial Guard, the Imperial Navy and Forces of the Inquisition to succeed at your task. It has fallen to you, one of the most successfull teams, to stop the Titan Manifactorum from spewing forth more unholy engines of war.
I am not going to lie to you, this mission is beyond impossible for anyone but the Emperor’s Chosen. We are deploying most of our kill-teams on the surface of the planet in an attempt to win the salient once and for all. Even so, I am afraid you will have to do more in order to be completely successful.
The manifactorum is well guarded, as you would expect. About one third of the Chaos army is stationed on Samech. A very high number of vehicles await there to be deployed, and they will be mobilised as soon as our forces reach the surface, if not before that. Destroy as many as you can.
And kill as many of those heretics as you can.
I am going to link you to Inquisitor Araes Deczio Maraven. He is going to inform you about some things you need to know about the manifactorum.
May the Emperor Guide your Hand Brothers! Emperor Protects!

Inquisitor Araes Deczio Maraven:
Hail Space Marines of the Deathwatch! Destiny awaits, and oh how glorious it is!
The most honoured Kail Vibius no doubt informed you about your mission, and it is with great joy that I inform you that I took charge of the imperial guard forces that will accompany you on the field. Along with Valerion Kapadocius we will lead the Emperor’s Hammer against the enemies of mankind.
To the point.
The manifactorum is almost indestructable. So, we will strike against the parts and not the whole. Great plasma generators, tall as the Titans themselves, power the manifactorum. These must be destroyed in order to stop the production. These, and the Ammunition storages that hold infernal devices that opperate the corrupted machine spirits.
And just to make sure they are unable to recover, even if we fail, destroy the STC’s. And the workers. Purge them all in the name of He Who Sits on the Golden Throne!
Inquisitor Maraven out. See you all soon.

Sudden transmission from Magratha Von Karlack:
Astartes! I am glad you are all gathered for this. I hoped to inform you in person, but sadly the imminent assault is keeping me bound in the command.
There is one more thing the Imperium needs of you. Intelligence informs us that one of the most prominent leaders of the Stigmartii legions is currently on Samech, inspecting the Manifactorum. I need you to find him and terminate him once and for all.
This is crucial, Astartes. My thoughts lay with you, and I pray to Emperor that you succeed in this.


Thought for the Day: There is nothing to fear but failure.
- – – + + + TRANSMISSION ENDS + + + – – -

Maurus Ferrus Mission Report for Samech Mission to sabotage the titan Manifactorum :

Mission Start :
My Kill Team decided to go by foot along with battle Brother Dreadnaught Octavius.
First Combat :
We engaged in combat to help the imperial guard by destroying a lot of war machines.
Unfortunately our battle brother Nuriel Rafel died in battle.
We went to the imperial guard’s stronghold and resupplied
Second Combat :
After being informed about an imminent attack we decided to stay and help the imperial guard defend this position before we move on to the manifactorum. We also asked our heavy weapon team to come and assist us.
Unfortunately the battle didn’t go well, Cyron Probus a battle brother from another kill team along with Corbin and another battle brother came to assist us.
We managed to survive the battle but it was too late. I was incapacitated so i can’t describe the feeling, my battle brothers felt an ominous feeling, like when our psycher used his powers. That was when we heard in our vox caster that we should abandon mission. A thunderhawk came to extract us from the planet. We were fast enough to get out of the planet before the catastrophe happened. Some floating pyramids came from the space
and destroyed the planet leaving a black hole behind.
Mission End.

Nuriel has been awarded the crux terminatus post humosly, and Maurus Ferrus and Damien Thranis also received crux terminatus.

Distress Call
6th Mission

- – – + + + MISSION PREPARATION + + + – – -

Mission Leader: Aeacus Stentor
Oath of Astartes
Loadout: 30 Each.

Primary: Inspect the distress calls.

Epistolary Zadkiel:
Strange tales reached my ears brothers. There is something strange going on in the Reach, and I can feel it in my bones. Brother Makradon brought news that concern us all. There is a distress signal originating from the nearby planet of Orge.
It is encrypted in sacred Dark Angel cyphers.
I can not stress enough the importance of discovering the truth behind this signal. It may well be an ambush, but we cannot simply ignore it.
I asked the most venerable brother Octavius to assist you. His adamantite and ceramite body, his assault cannon and his zeal will be of great help to you.


Thought for the Day :Purity of purpose.
- – – + + + TRANSMISSION ENDS + + + – – -

Ira Mechanicus
5th Mission

- – – + + + MISSION PREPARATION + + + – – -

Mission Leader: Nuriel Rafer
Oath of Glory
Loadout: 130 Each. With noone to assist them, Battle Brothers are adviced to gear up. Note: Specific gear will be required in this mission. Choose with caution.
Pooled: -
Reserved: -
Nuriel: storm shield (35), infernus pistol (35), boltgun (5)(fire selector (2), astartes targeter(25), kraken round (15), witch bolts (12))
Damien: -
Redpelt: –
Aeacus: -
Corbin: -
Maurus: Exceptional Augur Array (20), Omnisian Axe (30), Multi key (15), Demolition Charges (20),Data Slate (5), red dot (10), witch bolts (12), Frag Grenades (5), Krak Grenades (10)
Makradon: exceptional plasma gun (30), diagnostor helmet (15), Rescucitex x5 (25), kraken rounds (7), power axe (20), auxiliary grenade launcher (15), krak grenades (1), frag grenades (1), fire selector (2), hellfire rounds (12)

Primary: Escort the Sigma Device to the bowels of Ira Mechanicus.
Primary: Priest Tespich must survive.
Primary: Kill the False Mechanical God.
Secondary: Kill the Heretics. (25 KM)
Secondary: Plant the Virus in the Stigmartus Legion defence grid.
Secondary: Shut down the Blood Symphony Engine
Secondary: Destroy the Witch Cult of Surtur.
Secondary: Record the strange energies of the catacombs.
Tertiary: Investigate the xenos activity.
Tertiary: Discover the fate of the Throne Agents.

Warmest of Greetings Astartes. May the Emperor light your path. I am Inquisitor Valerion Kapadocius of the Ordo Hereticus. I have been following your successes from afar, and I have to say I am very impressed. This is why I come to you with this.
The Imperium needs your help once more.
What you discovered in the bowels of the Andula Front has greater meaning than what we thought at first. I found the complex depicted in the screens, and I found its entrance.
This is big, Astartes, real big. Primary analysis show that the catacombs predate the Imperium, and are perhaps as old as the Omega Vault, if not older. The Heretics have made it a hub for their systems and greatest weapons, but I doubt they have a clue as to what it really is.
Or, and this is more frightening, they know exactly what it is.
I have sent my people to investigate, but so far there has been no responce. They managed to send me some encrypted information, and with a little help from your Techmarines and our Techpriests, we managed to uncover their greatest secrets.
Apart from some crude blueprints that can perhaps serve you as a map, my agents noted five different chambers, as well as several pieces of information about the operations taking place there. First of all, the insane Dark Skitarii there worship a being they call The Mechanical God. We have no clue what that is, but we know that its demise will hinder their efforts. He was last seen in this room. (1)
Also, in the same room is the Machine Spirit of their war engine. It is quite powerfull, but destroying it would be easy. However, I do not want it destroyed. I want it captured, so we can study it and understand it. It is almost identical to the spirits of their Forge World, and studying it may unlock the secret to stopping their constant production of weapons and armor.
To this end, you will accompany my trusted colleague, Tech-Priest Tespich, and the Sigma Device, to that room, so he can put the spirit to slumber and capture it.
Now, in this room (2), my agents discovered a small terminal, unguarded and unprotected. This is where they got their information. You must use it, or any other terminal if you find the opportunity, to deliver a deadly virus Tespich made. It will interfere with anyone who plugs himself in, destroying his bionics. This will make the remaining forces an easy pick, but it will also make the terminal unaccesible, so you have to do it after using the Sigma Device.
Here. (3) On the surface, in the Khamud region, there is a daemonic engine, capable of reducing men to blood and flesh, or turning them to cannibalistic berserkers. Lucky for us, like most of their arcane weapons, it is linked to the Machine Spirit of Ira Mechanicus. Shutting it down will help the Hammer of the Emperor on the surface reclaim the region and allow us to resuply most forward possitions.
On this room here (4) my Agents reported strange energies, however this was a few moments prior to the end of communications. They also reported strange Xenos markings around that area. Investigate all you can, and while you’re at it, see if you can find any information about my agents. They where a good bunch.
Last but not least. Here (5) is a…. something, named Heart of Surtur. Whatever that is, is worshipped by a cult of witches. Kill them all.
May the Emperor Protect you Astartes.

Ira mechanicus


Thought for the Day: Brave are they who know everything yet fear nothing.
- – – + + + TRANSMISSION ENDS + + + – – -

Report 3554336

Code Name: Ira Mechanicus
Place: Andula Front, Khazant
Objective: Disband the heretics, purify the machine God Ordo Hereticus CENSORED

Mission Leader: CENSORED

After the events of the termination of the Dark Mechanicum in the catacombs of the Andula Front, a team of Acolytes was sent to investigate. As they didn’t report back the Hierarchy decided to send more specialized manpower to face the enemies of the Imperium. It was necessary to be a small team of specialized Marines to form the kill team. A Tech Marine, an Apothecary and an Assault marine. The team would escort the Tech-Priest Tespich into the Ira Mechanicus in order to kill the Dark Machine God spirit.

The team met resistance of the Dark Mechanicus as they moved through the different rooms, having Dark Skitarii and other Cultist assisting them. The head of the Cult was found, and was terminated as expected. The Kill-team managed to find the last survivor of the Acolyte team. The rest were other killed or tortured. Detailed report on methods and instruments is removed: requiring special authorization.

It is also noted that a strange pyramid looking artifact that glowed energy was found. The Space Marine call to caution if someone finds such an item. On the heart of the labyrinth was also found the main ritualistic place, where citizens of the Imperium Martyred their deaths for the Emperor. In the chamber there was content removed. During the execution of the mission the Kill-team faced a pack of Xenos, that was confirmed to be of the race named ELDAR. Further details are written sidenotes.

The Xenos stated that they had a different agenda with this place, and that it was to their plans to destroy it. This statement was confirmed as the settlement was destroyed with high quantities of unknown explosives.

P.S.: The Kill-Team recorded some measurement of the equipment of the Xenos: ELDAR race.

They use devices that allow them high degree of stealth and speed. It is hypothesized that they might use Warp Energies to function their machinery.

4th Mission

- – – + + + MISSION PREPARATION + + + – – -

Mission Leader: Damien Thranis
Oath of Knowledge
Loadout: (20 each) For this mission, the Battle-Brothers are adviced to upgrade their equipment.
Pooled: Astartes Armor Transport (40)
Nuriel: Missile Launcher (10), 2x Frag Packs (2)
Damien: Back Banner (15), Cartograph (5)
Redpelt: Flamer (10), 2xFrag (2), Krak (1)
Aeacus: Narthecium (10)
Corbin: -
Maurus: -
Makradon: Diagnostor Helmet (15), Rescucitex (5)

Primary: Retrieve the Relic

Damien Thranis:
“Brothers, like you, our watch captain saw my shame as a matter that involves all Astartes. You make me feel proud that you stand by me in my shame. We have the location where the relic was sighted last. System Venir, planet Freyr, Ironman’s Peek. This is a hive world under the attack of the Tyranids. Our task will be to land close to area, search for the relic and retrieve it at all costs. Emperor guide us. Emperor protect! "


Thought for the Day: Foolish are those who fear nothing, yet claim to know everything.
- – – + + + TRANSMISSION ENDS + + + – – -

Report for mission: We arrived to the planet only to be informed that a new battle brother was there waiting for us. His name is Makradon from the chapter of the dark angels. Immediately we took our oath of knowledge and moved to Ironman’s Peek. The main kill team moved into the rhino we had, while our new battle brother moved with his bike. In the way to the location we had identified as main target we were attacked from a number of elite tyranid creatures. Both our assault brothers were injured but with bravery but never thought to move away from the enemy,the support of the apothecary and the wise preperation of our tactical brother gave us the means to be effective in our fight. Finally with coordination we managed to bring down all the filthy creatures and we reached the spot that the relic was to be found. We found a plane that had crashed. It had many weapons and belonged to a sanctioned rogue trader. There we also found the relic, which I returned to my chapter, and documents. After that we moved back to the imperial guard camp and from there back to fortress.

3rd Mission

- – – + + + MISSION PREPARATION + + + – – -

Mission Leader: Korbin
Oath of the Weapon
Loadout: (35 each) For this mission, the Battle-Brothers are adviced to upgrade their equipment.
Pooled: -
Reserved: -
Nuriel: Stormshield (35)
Damien: Lascannon (30)
Redpelt: Plasma Pistol (25), Flamer (10)
Aeacus: -
Corbin: Techxorcism Gun (30)
Maurus: Exceptional Mind Impulse Unit (20), Multikey (15), Missile Launcher (10)

Primary: Kill Xathrax.
Secondary: Weaken the Forge’s forces. (50 KM)
Tertiary: Help Von Lavos against the Stigmartus. (25 KM)

Commodore Hemelshot
Greeting noble Astartes. May the Emperor guide you as He seems to have done on Khazant. I have to say, I have seen the Emperor’s Finest in action before, but not on such bold and risky missions. Ah, but enough flattery, to the point.
The Heretech Xathrax escaped before you had the chance of finding him, but you will have your chance at him. Our scanners located a source of intence heat and radiation, an underground complex. Further analysis revealed it to be some kind of manifactorum. It is not guarded by the Stigmartus, but instead by Corrupted Skitarii, remnants of the once loyal tech-priests of the system.
Davin Von Lavos relayed some very important pieces of information that will be uplinked to your com-links immediately. He is currently cleaning up the Andula Front from the remaining Stigmarti, but he asked me to tell you that he will assist you in any way he can.
Also, Lord General Magratha promised to hold a feast in your honour as soon as you return to Karlack.
Ah, here we go -DATA TRANSFERED-. Emperor protects!

Greetings Astartes. This is COL Von Lavos. First of all I would like to congratulate and thank you for your heroic efforts. You singlehandedly cleared the path for us.
One last thing needs to be done before the Andula Front is under our total control.
There is a manifactorum of sorts near the now ruined temple of the accursed gods. It is not guarded per se, but the last remaining Stigmartus forces have gathered nearby, making their last stand in a fortress. I tried sending men down to investigate, but none returned. The close spaces prevent proper deployment for an army, and I believe that a smaller but more capable force would manage to navigate its depths and kill that traitor Xathrax and as many of his Skitarii as possible. I ask this of you in an unofficial manner. I have made the proper requests to the High Command, but this may take a while, and time is of the essence here. Erioch agreed to deploy you, if you so wish, to our aid. I certainly hope you will smite those heretics down and let the Imperial Forces prevail once again.


Thought for the Day: It is better to die for the Emperor than to live for yourself.
- – – + + + TRANSMISSION ENDS + + + – – -

Report 3553235
Place: Andula Front, Khazant
Objective: Target Termination: Xathrax

Mission Leader: CENSORED

The Kill-Team that assisted on the incident 3553234 deployed to assist the Imperial Guard to bridge the defenses of the last standing forces of the enemy. The Marines then moved to the known co-ordinance of a hostile location. The team moved in a place that was occupied by the foes of Imperium and were storing amounts of firepower. Several mechanical traps and machines where guarding the place in the assistances of Skitarii of the Dark Mechanicum. The Kill-Team exterminated these heretical beings while in search of their leader. The Marines report that while researching the place they encountered a team of Dark Mechanicum followers and a traitor Marine of the Word Bearers legion. Various artifacts where found in that room. After engaging in combat with the Traitor Marine, he escaped via a teleportation method, abducting the Kill-Member Corbin. The Marines state that he had also a skull shaped artifact. As they continued they found the nominated target in a barricaded position with a Secutor to his protection. The target was successfully eliminated.

Status: Corbin MIA

Corbin is recommended for the Marksman Honor, due performing excellent single-shot marksmanship.

It is recommend caution for Nuriel Rafer as possible signs of his chapter Demeanor begin to surface.

2nd Mission

- – – + + + MISSION PREPARATION + + + – – -

Mission Leader: Nuriel Rafer
Oath of Glory
Loadout: (180 requisition each) For this mission the doors of the Armorium are wide open, and the Kill-Team may choose any weapon or wargear, no matter how exotic, if they qualify for it.
Pooled: Land Raider (Armored Transport, 40),Death from Above (Insertion, 15), 2x Astartes Tactical Fire Support Squads (100), Death from Above (Insertion, 30), Naval Liaison (Hemmelschott, 20), Naval Surveillance (15), Lance Strike (80)
Reserved: 55
Nuriel: Astartes Melta-Gun (20), Astates Bolter (5), Fire selector (2), Storm shield (35), witch bolt (12), thunder hammer (30), frag (1)
Damien: astartes bolter (5), red dot laser sight (10), kraken rounds (15), astartes missile launcher (10)
Redpelt: stormbolter (25), melta gun (20), power sword (20), melta bomb x2 (50)
Aeacus: Narthecium (10), Jump Pack (15), 4x Resuscitex (20), Magnoculars (3), 3x Stummer (15), Astartes Heavy Bolter (20), 2x Photon Flash Grenades (10), Dipole Mag lock (Power Sword)(5), 1x Metal Storm Heavy Bolter Mag (20)
Corbin:Astartes Jump Pack (15), Astartes Harness (4), Stummer (5), Astartes Melee Attachment (Chain) (9), Telescopic Sight (6),Silencer (3), Red-Dot Laser Sight (10), Fire Selector (2), Stalker Rounds (5), Kraken Rounds (15), Metal Storm (15), Kraken Rounds (20), Metal Storm (20), Camo –Cloak (20), Astartes Grapnel (3), Auto-Sense Goggles (10).

Primary: Destroy the Shrine Dedicated to Khorne.
Primary: Destroy the Shrine Dedicated to Tzeentch.
Primary: Destroy the Shrine Dedicated to Slaanesh.
Primary: Destroy the Shrine Dedicated to Nurgle.
Primary: Destroy the Great Temple of Chaos Undivided.
Secondary: Destroy the warrior lodges of the Stigmatus Legions. (100 KM)
Tertiary: Destroy the Defiled Grounds. (50 KM)
Tertiary: Destroy the Rebel Leader Xathrax.

Lord General Magratha Von Karlack
In the world of Khazant, the Imperial Forces battle the dreaded Stigmartus Legions. The opperations however have reached a stalemate on most fronts, and this is where you, Astartes, come in. In the name of the Golden Throne, you are to aid the loyal subjects of the Emperor in the Andula Front, where a regiment of Imperial guard with a Cloister of Adepta Sororitas try to breach the defence lines of the heretics.
You are to deploy to their aid. You are free to choose your own tactics and strategy, as you see fit, but due to the extreme difficulty of the mission, you will have our full support, as well as the full support of the ground forces and the Imperial Navy.
Now to the parameters of your mission.
The Stigmartus forces have a great tool that helps them resist the mighty fist of the Emperor’s Guard, and that is vile sorcery. Using unknown and detestable powers, they have built 5 shrines, the four dedicated to various of their Gods, and one befouled temple to Chaos. Your first priority is to destroy those, and end the constant appearance of Daemons and manifestations of cursed boons upon their soldiers. It may be of use to you to know that from what we have gathered, the followerd don’t exactly get along, and especially those that follow the Taker of Skulls she spits on the floor are known to attack their allies when bereft of target.
Destroying those temples will be of great help, however, I personally require something more, if you are willing to aid me.
We know of certain possitions, training halls or lodges, if you will, where their soldiers rest and prepare for war. Destruction of these lodges and their inhabitants will surely preserve more losses from crippling our ground forces, and it will be easier for us to press on directly after taking the Front. Near those Lodges are also some places of eldritch evil, not unlike those dreaded shrines. The area around them seems to shift and change, creating trenches, cliffs and pits where none where before. It would be of great help to the mechanised forces if you cleared an area so they can spearhead our invasion.
Last but not least. We know their leader to be a Heretech by the name of Xathrax. Intelligence informs us that he is in the process of crafting a Herald Engine. Exactly what that is we do not know, but we know that he has to be stopped. If you happen upon him by opportunity, his death would mean a lot to the Stigmartus Legion.
Astartes, I know this is your first mission on the Acheros Salient, but the crusade desperately needs the Emperor’s Finest to assist us on this one. I advise you to try and cooperate with the rest of us, and I can promise you that every single loyal subject of the Emperor will aid you with our lives in doing your sacred duty.
The Emperor Protects!

Thought for the Day: The blood of martyrs is the seed of the Imperium.
- – – + + + TRANSMISSION ENDS + + + – – -

Report 3553234

Place: Andula Front, Khazant
Objection: Destruction of Multiple Shrines (5 in number)

Mission Leader: CENCORED

At 0600 hours the kill team, using a Land Raider as a transport landed behind enemy lines at the South-East of the Shrine of Chaos Undivided, where multiple hostile forces were reported. After marking it, a perfect Lance Strike hit it, successfully destroying it. The Kill-Team reported the existence of an artifact that was the heart of the corruption in the temple. The Team terminated the threat.
The Squad moved toward the Shrine of Pain, South-West of the position. Finding small resistance they were able to destroy the Shrine. Moving West the Kill-Team destroyed two Defiled Grounds and the Lodges protecting them, creating a gap in the forces of the enemy. The Team also destroyed multiple enemy units and artillery forces towards their mission. Next the Team moved against the Shrine of Blood, after they had a Lance Strike hit it.
The Shrine of Disease at North-West of the Chaos Undivided was next. The Team reported finding two Plague Marines and a horde of animated corpses. The Marines successfully eliminated the treats and destroyed the 4th temple.
Last was the Shrine of Mutations on the North part, where two Marines of the Traitor Legion Thousand Sons and a Psycker were encountered. A 10-man squad of Tactical Marines of the Storm Wardens dropped for assistance at the site. At the encounter Damien Thranis and Nuriel Rafer were wounded. A coordinated attack by the Kill-Team and the Tactical Marines eliminated threat. The Deathwatch team was able to successfully destroy the last temple, completing all major objectives with minimum casualties.

Corbin was recommended for the Marksman Honour, after destroying multiple aircrafts, without missing a single shot.

Watch-Station Midael
1st Mission

- – - + + + MISSION PREPARATION + + + – - -

Mission Leader: Aeacus Stentor
Oath of Glory.
Loadout: (15 requisition each)
Pooled: Narthecium, Auspex
Nuriel: Flamer, Extra Frag grenades
Damien: Extra Frag Grenades
Redpelt: Flamer, 2x extra frag grenades
Aeacus: Magnoculars, Dipole Mag Lock, Telescopic Sight
Corbin: Silencer, Red-dot laser sight
Maurus: Multi-Key

Thought for the Day: True happiness stems only from duty.
- – - + + + TRANSMISSION ENDS + + + – - -

The kill-team left Watch Fortress Erioch to investigate the Watch Station Midael that had not replied to any attempt at contact. The battle-brothers set off with a light transport, but as they passed through the edge of the Hadex Anomaly, the ship’s systems stopped replying, and they lost control. Aeacus’ eye caught the holographic map for a moment, and he saw that they were nearing a planet that was not on the map. In fact, the whole star system was not on the map. This, however, mattered little, as the ship plunged towards the planet. The kill-team made their way to the drop-pod and set off to the Unknown Planet below.

The kill team made their way to one of the buildings, only to discover that amidst the wild flora and fauna of the planet, there was an abandoned manufactorum. They entered the massive complex and searched for clues, only to discover that the Unknown planet was named Soralis Secundus, and that the complex had been abandoned for almost three centuries. After a swift combat with a pair of Fleshounds of Khorne, they made their way to the office complex of the sector, and found a map to the manifactorum, as well as the locations of the Communications Relay and a spaceport.

After they repaired an old vehicle, and they made their way towards the coms relay, they repaired and used it to send an encoded message to Watch Fortress Erioch. A reply came soon after, ordering them to wait at the spaceport for extraction. The kill-team did as told, and went to the space-port. There, however, they where attacked by great numbers of Bloodletters of Khorne. Taking a defencible possition, they gunned down a great number of the Daemons, but they seemed without number.

Then, two xenos vehicles, that the kill-team recognised as Eldar from Craftworld Kaelor, came to their support, and together they vanquished the horde. The Eldar left after a brief conversation, that left the kill-team buffled.


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