The Serpent and the Eagle


2nd Mission

- – – + + + MISSION PREPARATION + + + – – -

Mission Leader: Nuriel Rafer
Oath of Glory
Loadout: (180 requisition each) For this mission the doors of the Armorium are wide open, and the Kill-Team may choose any weapon or wargear, no matter how exotic, if they qualify for it.
Pooled: Land Raider (Armored Transport, 40),Death from Above (Insertion, 15), 2x Astartes Tactical Fire Support Squads (100), Death from Above (Insertion, 30), Naval Liaison (Hemmelschott, 20), Naval Surveillance (15), Lance Strike (80)
Reserved: 55
Nuriel: Astartes Melta-Gun (20), Astates Bolter (5), Fire selector (2), Storm shield (35), witch bolt (12), thunder hammer (30), frag (1)
Damien: astartes bolter (5), red dot laser sight (10), kraken rounds (15), astartes missile launcher (10)
Redpelt: stormbolter (25), melta gun (20), power sword (20), melta bomb x2 (50)
Aeacus: Narthecium (10), Jump Pack (15), 4x Resuscitex (20), Magnoculars (3), 3x Stummer (15), Astartes Heavy Bolter (20), 2x Photon Flash Grenades (10), Dipole Mag lock (Power Sword)(5), 1x Metal Storm Heavy Bolter Mag (20)
Corbin:Astartes Jump Pack (15), Astartes Harness (4), Stummer (5), Astartes Melee Attachment (Chain) (9), Telescopic Sight (6),Silencer (3), Red-Dot Laser Sight (10), Fire Selector (2), Stalker Rounds (5), Kraken Rounds (15), Metal Storm (15), Kraken Rounds (20), Metal Storm (20), Camo –Cloak (20), Astartes Grapnel (3), Auto-Sense Goggles (10).

Primary: Destroy the Shrine Dedicated to Khorne.
Primary: Destroy the Shrine Dedicated to Tzeentch.
Primary: Destroy the Shrine Dedicated to Slaanesh.
Primary: Destroy the Shrine Dedicated to Nurgle.
Primary: Destroy the Great Temple of Chaos Undivided.
Secondary: Destroy the warrior lodges of the Stigmatus Legions. (100 KM)
Tertiary: Destroy the Defiled Grounds. (50 KM)
Tertiary: Destroy the Rebel Leader Xathrax.

Lord General Magratha Von Karlack
In the world of Khazant, the Imperial Forces battle the dreaded Stigmartus Legions. The opperations however have reached a stalemate on most fronts, and this is where you, Astartes, come in. In the name of the Golden Throne, you are to aid the loyal subjects of the Emperor in the Andula Front, where a regiment of Imperial guard with a Cloister of Adepta Sororitas try to breach the defence lines of the heretics.
You are to deploy to their aid. You are free to choose your own tactics and strategy, as you see fit, but due to the extreme difficulty of the mission, you will have our full support, as well as the full support of the ground forces and the Imperial Navy.
Now to the parameters of your mission.
The Stigmartus forces have a great tool that helps them resist the mighty fist of the Emperor’s Guard, and that is vile sorcery. Using unknown and detestable powers, they have built 5 shrines, the four dedicated to various of their Gods, and one befouled temple to Chaos. Your first priority is to destroy those, and end the constant appearance of Daemons and manifestations of cursed boons upon their soldiers. It may be of use to you to know that from what we have gathered, the followerd don’t exactly get along, and especially those that follow the Taker of Skulls she spits on the floor are known to attack their allies when bereft of target.
Destroying those temples will be of great help, however, I personally require something more, if you are willing to aid me.
We know of certain possitions, training halls or lodges, if you will, where their soldiers rest and prepare for war. Destruction of these lodges and their inhabitants will surely preserve more losses from crippling our ground forces, and it will be easier for us to press on directly after taking the Front. Near those Lodges are also some places of eldritch evil, not unlike those dreaded shrines. The area around them seems to shift and change, creating trenches, cliffs and pits where none where before. It would be of great help to the mechanised forces if you cleared an area so they can spearhead our invasion.
Last but not least. We know their leader to be a Heretech by the name of Xathrax. Intelligence informs us that he is in the process of crafting a Herald Engine. Exactly what that is we do not know, but we know that he has to be stopped. If you happen upon him by opportunity, his death would mean a lot to the Stigmartus Legion.
Astartes, I know this is your first mission on the Acheros Salient, but the crusade desperately needs the Emperor’s Finest to assist us on this one. I advise you to try and cooperate with the rest of us, and I can promise you that every single loyal subject of the Emperor will aid you with our lives in doing your sacred duty.
The Emperor Protects!

Thought for the Day: The blood of martyrs is the seed of the Imperium.
- – – + + + TRANSMISSION ENDS + + + – – -

Report 3553234

Place: Andula Front, Khazant
Objection: Destruction of Multiple Shrines (5 in number)

Mission Leader: CENCORED

At 0600 hours the kill team, using a Land Raider as a transport landed behind enemy lines at the South-East of the Shrine of Chaos Undivided, where multiple hostile forces were reported. After marking it, a perfect Lance Strike hit it, successfully destroying it. The Kill-Team reported the existence of an artifact that was the heart of the corruption in the temple. The Team terminated the threat.
The Squad moved toward the Shrine of Pain, South-West of the position. Finding small resistance they were able to destroy the Shrine. Moving West the Kill-Team destroyed two Defiled Grounds and the Lodges protecting them, creating a gap in the forces of the enemy. The Team also destroyed multiple enemy units and artillery forces towards their mission. Next the Team moved against the Shrine of Blood, after they had a Lance Strike hit it.
The Shrine of Disease at North-West of the Chaos Undivided was next. The Team reported finding two Plague Marines and a horde of animated corpses. The Marines successfully eliminated the treats and destroyed the 4th temple.
Last was the Shrine of Mutations on the North part, where two Marines of the Traitor Legion Thousand Sons and a Psycker were encountered. A 10-man squad of Tactical Marines of the Storm Wardens dropped for assistance at the site. At the encounter Damien Thranis and Nuriel Rafer were wounded. A coordinated attack by the Kill-Team and the Tactical Marines eliminated threat. The Deathwatch team was able to successfully destroy the last temple, completing all major objectives with minimum casualties.

Corbin was recommended for the Marksman Honour, after destroying multiple aircrafts, without missing a single shot.


Lord Aini Faithbringer

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