The Serpent and the Eagle

Titans of Samech

7th Mission

- – – + + + MISSION PREPARATION + + + – – -

Mission Leader: Maurus Ferrus
Oath of the Weapon
Loadout: 150 requisition. This is a suicide mission. Expect heavy resistance, endless enemies, as well as war machines and elite elements.
Pooled: 210. Brother Octavius will accompany them. Signum + Links (115), Demolition Charge (10), Melta Bomb (25), Imperial Guard Heavy Weapon (40), Arcane Weaponry (15).
Reserved: 7
Nuriel: – Dilation Field (45), Storm Shield (35), Melta Gun (20)
Damien: – astartes lascannon (30),Conflagration Meltagun(35),storm shield(30)
Redpelt: – powerfist (30), powersword (20), meltagun(10), storm bolter w/ kraken (40), melta bomb (25), 3x Krak Grenades (3)
Maurus:- Multi-Key (15), Combi-Tool (15), Demolition Charges x3 (30), Breaching augur (18), Astartes Missile Launcher (Soundstrike) (10), Astartes Frag + Krak Grenades (2), Hellfire Rounds (Bolter) (25)
Makradon:- plasma cannon (30), diagnostor’s helmet (15), resuscitex x2 (10), astartes targeter (25), arm mounted για bolt pistol (10), kraken rounds για το pistol (7), extra krak grenades (1)

Primary: Sabotage the Titan Manifactorum
Primary: Find and kill the Heretic in Charge
Primary: Destroy Chaos Engines of War (100 KM)
Secondary: Sabotage/Destroy the Plasma Generators
Secondary: Sabotage/Destroy the Munition Storages
Secondary: Destroy the Titan STC’s
Secondary: Kill the Praetorians (100 KM)
Tertiary: Kill Dark Scitari (100 KM)
Tertiary: Kill Construction Servitors 100 (KM)

Captain Faethus: (via holo-link)
Brothers! The time to strike against the foe that plagues the Imperium is at hand! It is time to turn the tides of the war in the Acheros Salient. I am talking about the accursed Samech, the heart of the Stigmartus war machine. Captain Vibius will inform you about the details. Stand true Astartes, glory awaits us all!

Kail Vibius:
Duty calls once more my brothers! This is what all our efforts lead to. We finally managed the impossible; we breached the enemy’s defences and managed to reach the unassailable Forge-world of Samech. As we speak, Imperial Forces have laid siege, fighting for control of the Orbit of Samech. This is a fight we are unlikely to win, but it will buy us enough time to perform several surgical strikes on the surface, and, perhaps, cripple their weapon supplies across the Salient.
To this end you will cooperate with the Imperial Guard, the Imperial Navy and Forces of the Inquisition to succeed at your task. It has fallen to you, one of the most successfull teams, to stop the Titan Manifactorum from spewing forth more unholy engines of war.
I am not going to lie to you, this mission is beyond impossible for anyone but the Emperor’s Chosen. We are deploying most of our kill-teams on the surface of the planet in an attempt to win the salient once and for all. Even so, I am afraid you will have to do more in order to be completely successful.
The manifactorum is well guarded, as you would expect. About one third of the Chaos army is stationed on Samech. A very high number of vehicles await there to be deployed, and they will be mobilised as soon as our forces reach the surface, if not before that. Destroy as many as you can.
And kill as many of those heretics as you can.
I am going to link you to Inquisitor Araes Deczio Maraven. He is going to inform you about some things you need to know about the manifactorum.
May the Emperor Guide your Hand Brothers! Emperor Protects!

Inquisitor Araes Deczio Maraven:
Hail Space Marines of the Deathwatch! Destiny awaits, and oh how glorious it is!
The most honoured Kail Vibius no doubt informed you about your mission, and it is with great joy that I inform you that I took charge of the imperial guard forces that will accompany you on the field. Along with Valerion Kapadocius we will lead the Emperor’s Hammer against the enemies of mankind.
To the point.
The manifactorum is almost indestructable. So, we will strike against the parts and not the whole. Great plasma generators, tall as the Titans themselves, power the manifactorum. These must be destroyed in order to stop the production. These, and the Ammunition storages that hold infernal devices that opperate the corrupted machine spirits.
And just to make sure they are unable to recover, even if we fail, destroy the STC’s. And the workers. Purge them all in the name of He Who Sits on the Golden Throne!
Inquisitor Maraven out. See you all soon.

Sudden transmission from Magratha Von Karlack:
Astartes! I am glad you are all gathered for this. I hoped to inform you in person, but sadly the imminent assault is keeping me bound in the command.
There is one more thing the Imperium needs of you. Intelligence informs us that one of the most prominent leaders of the Stigmartii legions is currently on Samech, inspecting the Manifactorum. I need you to find him and terminate him once and for all.
This is crucial, Astartes. My thoughts lay with you, and I pray to Emperor that you succeed in this.


Thought for the Day: There is nothing to fear but failure.
- – – + + + TRANSMISSION ENDS + + + – – -

Maurus Ferrus Mission Report for Samech Mission to sabotage the titan Manifactorum :

Mission Start :
My Kill Team decided to go by foot along with battle Brother Dreadnaught Octavius.
First Combat :
We engaged in combat to help the imperial guard by destroying a lot of war machines.
Unfortunately our battle brother Nuriel Rafel died in battle.
We went to the imperial guard’s stronghold and resupplied
Second Combat :
After being informed about an imminent attack we decided to stay and help the imperial guard defend this position before we move on to the manifactorum. We also asked our heavy weapon team to come and assist us.
Unfortunately the battle didn’t go well, Cyron Probus a battle brother from another kill team along with Corbin and another battle brother came to assist us.
We managed to survive the battle but it was too late. I was incapacitated so i can’t describe the feeling, my battle brothers felt an ominous feeling, like when our psycher used his powers. That was when we heard in our vox caster that we should abandon mission. A thunderhawk came to extract us from the planet. We were fast enough to get out of the planet before the catastrophe happened. Some floating pyramids came from the space
and destroyed the planet leaving a black hole behind.
Mission End.

Nuriel has been awarded the crux terminatus post humosly, and Maurus Ferrus and Damien Thranis also received crux terminatus.


Lord Aini Faithbringer

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