The Serpent and the Eagle


4th Mission

- – – + + + MISSION PREPARATION + + + – – -

Mission Leader: Damien Thranis
Oath of Knowledge
Loadout: (20 each) For this mission, the Battle-Brothers are adviced to upgrade their equipment.
Pooled: Astartes Armor Transport (40)
Nuriel: Missile Launcher (10), 2x Frag Packs (2)
Damien: Back Banner (15), Cartograph (5)
Redpelt: Flamer (10), 2xFrag (2), Krak (1)
Aeacus: Narthecium (10)
Corbin: -
Maurus: -
Makradon: Diagnostor Helmet (15), Rescucitex (5)

Primary: Retrieve the Relic

Damien Thranis:
“Brothers, like you, our watch captain saw my shame as a matter that involves all Astartes. You make me feel proud that you stand by me in my shame. We have the location where the relic was sighted last. System Venir, planet Freyr, Ironman’s Peek. This is a hive world under the attack of the Tyranids. Our task will be to land close to area, search for the relic and retrieve it at all costs. Emperor guide us. Emperor protect! "


Thought for the Day: Foolish are those who fear nothing, yet claim to know everything.
- – – + + + TRANSMISSION ENDS + + + – – -

Report for mission: We arrived to the planet only to be informed that a new battle brother was there waiting for us. His name is Makradon from the chapter of the dark angels. Immediately we took our oath of knowledge and moved to Ironman’s Peek. The main kill team moved into the rhino we had, while our new battle brother moved with his bike. In the way to the location we had identified as main target we were attacked from a number of elite tyranid creatures. Both our assault brothers were injured but with bravery but never thought to move away from the enemy,the support of the apothecary and the wise preperation of our tactical brother gave us the means to be effective in our fight. Finally with coordination we managed to bring down all the filthy creatures and we reached the spot that the relic was to be found. We found a plane that had crashed. It had many weapons and belonged to a sanctioned rogue trader. There we also found the relic, which I returned to my chapter, and documents. After that we moved back to the imperial guard camp and from there back to fortress.


Lord Aini Faithbringer

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